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Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs)

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Lets discuss Beta Hydroxy Acids and their importance in skin care! The only BHA used in modern cosmetic is salicylic acid. Originally extracted from willow bark (also the source of aspirin), it has been incorporated into pharmaceutical and cosmetic skincare products for over 100 years. Just like Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), salicylic acid is very effective but unlike AHAs, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Why you might use BHAs? If your skin is prone to spots, you physician may treat your skin with salicylic acid. The combined effects of unblocking pores and the anti-inflammatory action will help prevent future spots, clear existed blackheads and calm inflamed spots. Salicylic acid is best suited to mild acne, however, its action is limited. The advantage, however, is that its side effects are also limited.

How to apply BHAs? Salicylic acid is often incorporated into toner-type lotions, exfoliators, washes for acne-prone skin or leave on spot remedies. Creams are best used at night when the skin is free of make-up but can be used during the day under a sunscreen, if desired.

Risks and side effects and results. Like AHA preparations, salicylic acid can sting on application. Similarly, its overuse could theoretically make your skin more sensitive to other preparations. You can limit the stinging by ensuring your cleanser is a gentle one, leaving 10 minutes to half an hour between washing your face and applying the cream, or applying it every other night only. You should notice a marked smoothing of your skins surface, an also a reduced tendency to develop any spots.

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