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Drinking water can moisturize your face

Hello Beautiful!

Today I am writing about moisturizing your face. Ladies, we all need to moisturize, no matter your age, skin color, or skin type. To keep your skin looking youthful and smooth applying the right moisturizer to your face during the day and at night needs to become a part of our routines.

First off, moisture is really water. So, one way to keep your skin looking stunning is to drink water. Yes, just plain water. Instead of getting a Venti cold brew at Starbucks order a Venti water. Sure, the barista may look at you in disgust, because I am sure they get annoyed by just getting water. It doesn’t matter what kind of face the barista gives you! At least you know you are drinking what your body needs.

Maybe to cheer up the barista say, “Have a nice day!” or give them a huge smile. I am sure they get treated badly if they make a mistake on someone’s order. After all, we are all in this world trying to better ourselves. There is no need to make someone’s day worse when you could make it better.

Secondly, you should really figure out what type of skin you have. Is your skin dry, oily, or a combination of both? There are certain moisturizers for certain types of skin. Even if your skin is naturally oily, your skin still needs moisturizer.

If you don’t put moisturizer on oily skin and use harsh chemicals to get rid of the oil, you are not improving your skin’s oil. Your body will want to make more and more oils because there isn’t enough oil on your skin. You are trying to balance your skin for the right amount of moisture it needs. So, go to your favorite beauty store and I am sure the associates will help you pick out the right moisturizer for your face.

Lastly, when applying moisturizer or anything to your face, be gentle. Dab it onto your face, then gently moisturize it into your skin without dragging your skin around. Also, wash your hands before touching and applying anything to your face!

So, ladies, excuse me while I go drink some water and put on moisturizer for the day. You should too! And don’t give that barista a hard time! I’ll talk more about this on my YouTube channel! Click here to watch a video

-Stay beautiful-


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