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How I do a smokey eye shadow look

I think that this topic is very important for any makeup user. No one ever wants to work hard on their eyeshadow for a night out or just for a trip to the grocery store, to look in the mirror and see that you have creases all over your eyelids. I typically wonder, “How long has my eyeshadow looked like that?” Well girl, if we are being honest, probably for a while.

Some of you reading this may be thinking how to pick a smokey eyeshadow look. Now, everyone has an imagination and artistry in them. Shoot, I used to draw stick figures as a kid and here I am telling you about how to make a smokey look. Don’t worry, I have had a LOT of experience throughout my life to really practice and find how to do a perfect smokey look.

So the first thing that you need to do before dipping your brush into any colors is to think about what kind of smokey eyeshadow look you want to do… pink, brown, red, or green. As James Charles would say, “Unleash your inner artist.” Like I said, everyone has their own imagination.

Step 1

First, I put some primer (Morphe Translucent eyelid primer) onto my lids which is the base for your eyeshadow. I put the size of a piece of rice onto a brush (Morphe of course) and make sure that this cream base is even across my eyelids. I get into the inner corner of my eyelid as well as my lash line. I will put the primer only where I will be applying eyeshadow.

Step 2

Apply base powder on top of primer. For this powder you want something light and simple color. I tend to use my NYX finishing powder. And let me tell you, it gets the job done. I will put this onto a fluffy small Morphe brush all over my eyelid.

Step 3

This is where I start my first color (shade 1). After dipping into the palette or shade, I tap off the excess product to make sure there is not too much product on the brush when I place it on my eye. I typically apply a lighter color that blends well into the overall look. I apply this onto the lower part of my eyelid, a little bit above my crease line. I use a very light hand while blending this color in.

The next color (shade 2) I choose is a deeper color. I put this color on top of my previous color. I only apply a smooth even layer, by using a light hand, so the color on my lids are even. I use a smaller fluffy brush.

The next shade is a deeper and darker than shade 2. I place this color on top of the two previous colors to build a smokey eye look. Again using a my favorite brand of brushes.. you knew it Morphe!

Step 4

I use a flat edge brush to place the same colors as before onto my lower lash line. I take the brush from the outer edge of my lower lash to my tear duct. I keep the line small and precise so it does not look like I have a black eye! Then I will take a very, very tiny flat edge Morphe brush to blend it out.

Step 5

Lastly, I put on my false lashes of course! And some eyeliner and mascara.

So there you have it, the perfect way to do a smokey eye look. Well my perfect way of doing a smokey eye look. You can see me do a smokey eye look on my YouTube channel.

As always, comment if you have any questions.

-Stay Beautiful-


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