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How to apply fragrance

Hello Beautiful! Many women worry about wearing too much perfume, but with a few simple tricks, it is easy to apply a long-lasting scent that isn't overwhelming. Your fragrance reflects your personality. Choose something that suits you and allow it to become a part of who you are.

If you are wearing daytime fragrance, wear it lower on your body. As the perfume evaporates, it rises up, so you continue to smell it all day. Spritz some behind the knees, on your wrists, and a little on your clothes before leaving.

For evening fragrance - which is anything that makes you feel more sensual- spray it behind your ears and around your neck so that it envelops you right away, rather than rising up slowly.

Hold the bottle five to seven inches away from your body and spray each area once. The fragrance should mist onto your skin - if the area feels to wet, you are holding the bottle to close. Fan your wrists through the air a few times and bring them toward your nose. This should enable you to smell the fullness of the fragrance within a few minutes. If it is not strong enough, spritz some more. If it is overwhelming, go into the fresh air and move around. The excess will evaporate.

Stay Beautiful


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