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How to handle stress!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Hello Beautiful!

Stress is everywhere and too much of it can be bad for you. Excessive stress trigger a whole chain of biochemical and physical reactions, releasing hormones into the blood streams that can build up to toxic levels, causing lethargy, depression and acne. Relax with these simple tips.

Stand under a warm shower until you feel thoroughly relaxed, then work your body with slow and steady movements, as follows.

For the shoulders:

Repeat each of these movements 10 times. Swing your arms alternatively backward and forward, so that the right arm is going forward when the left is going backward. Swing your arms out from the side and back into the body again. Next, swing your arms in a circular motion, moving one arm at a time. Shrug you should up and down. Finally, move your shoulders in a circular motion, first backwards then forwards.

For the hips and legs:

Stand up straight and hold onto the side of the shower to keep your balance, then repeat each of these movements 10 times. Swing your right leg backward and forward, then draw circular movements with your foot, first outward and then inward. Repeat with your left leg.

-Stay Beautiful -

Jacqueline Wilson

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