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Spring is Coming

Updated: Mar 8, 2019


Hello Beautiful!

It has now been that time of the year in the Northeast that folks start to miss the sunshine and warm weather. I know that I have been missing it! With the Polar Vortex and snow storms, my skin is dry and my feet are always cold. With that warm weather and sunshine, it is finally spring. This year the official day of spring begins on March 20th. But, on Groundhog Day, the groundhog did not see his shadow which apparently means we are in for an early spring. Whether you believe in the groundhog or not, I am ready for spring and I think we can agree that everyone is ready for some warmer weather and sunshine.

Diving into spring means new clothes and colors. The 2019 color for spring and summer is yellow. All different types of yellow too, Glowlsy calls it, “a cherry, unisex color” I know what you are probably thinking…yellow the color of mustard and bananas, to wear as a whole outfit. In the past I have used yellow as a small pop of color like an accessory.

This year, yellow is a full outfit or either a pant or shirt. For New York fashion week, the designers paired a yellow pant or shirt with a blue or black top or bottom. Now, you may be looking at your complexion like how the heck am I supposed to pull off a yellow outfit? Instyle puts it this way, if “your hair color ranges from dark brown to dark blonde hair” or if “your skin tone has a greenish or a yellowish (golden) undertone” or you have an olive complexion, yellow looks great on you.

With all of that being said about complexions, New York Fashion week had yellow on all different hair colors and complexion models. Hopefully, spring will come soon so we can wear this new fashion statement. So, if you find a yellow pant suite or a yellow top or bottom, you wear it! Do NOT let the world tell you, you can’t wear that yellow shirt because your skin is too fair. Hey if the Kings and Queens of fashion are saying to wear it then wear it! You do you! Woohoo for Spring!

-Stay Beautiful -

Jacqueline Wilson

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