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When is the best time to use a Moisturizer?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Hello Beautiful! Last time we discussed what's inside a moisturizer, now lets discuss when is the best time to use a moisturizer. Do you know when? The experts say the best time to use a moisturizer is at night. During the day it is preferable to use a day cream with sunscreens, to

protect your skin.

It is sensible to have separate day and night creams. During the day, your skin requires protection from elements, so you want to apply cream with sunscreens, possibly one with antioxidants to back it up. At night, sun protection is redundant but replenishing any moisture lost during the day and feeding in active agents useful in optimal skin function becomes important.

If and when you decide your face needs a moisturizer, the seemingly unlimited choices can cause more problems. You should use a good quality moisturizer that makes your skin feel comfortable without overloading it. Modern cosmetic science is now highly sophisticated and you would be hard-pressed to find a badly formulated cream on the market.

When buying a moisturizer, decide for yourself what you’re looking for and then listen to what the accompanying information offers, also make full use of samples and trial sizes. The outer layer of the skin is about 10 percent water. Oddly, there is little difference between the water levels of oily and dry skin. Rather, dry skin is deficient in the fatty lipids which help seal skin against moisture loss. Dry skins, therefore, benefit from the moistures rich in natural lipid- mimicking ingredients.

Whatever your skin type, therefore, whether you are concerned about feeding back in moisture or benefiting from cosmeceuticals such as tretinoin, AHAs or ascorbic acid, the basis of any successful skincare regime is to protect during the day and to treat the skin at night, prevention is followed by, hopefully, a degree of cure.

Stay Beautiful


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