HELLO! Welcome back to my channel! Today I am reviewing a new company SHE COSMETICS and their GORGEOUS 35 COLORS palette. I haven't used their brands a lot so I was really excited to create a look with this palette and see what they had to offer. It is a wonderful palette with some beautiful shades and if you're looking for a new brand to try I highly recommend it.

HELLO! Welcome back to my channel! Today as part of my eyeshadow review series I am doing a custom look with the Colored Raine: Queen of Hearts palette. If you've got this gorgeous arsenal of colors then share some of your tips with the fam!

HELLO! welcome back to my channel! Today we are looking at ways to get rid of that jelly! We're in the heart of winter right now and everybody puts on a little weight during the cold season. Also, this quarantine isn't helping much either! However, my hope is that brighter days lie ahead and when the weathers warm and swimsuit season returns you want to be ready! Here are some of my favorite products for removing cellulite and firming up your body. It is important to give your skin and body proper love all year round not just in the time when you're showing it off. Here are some of the ESSENTIAL products you can use.

Wishing you all good fortune and a much better year than the last one. Today we dive back into my long lasting series with some essential lipsticks and eye products. Many of these are affordable and last long and won't force you to break the bank. I live by these and I recommend them for long lasting luscious lips!


HELLO! Welcome back to my channel.


 Long lasting makeup is ESSENTIAL to keep your look primed for a long day. In today's episode I'm giving you some recommendations from my own personal arsenal! These items are worth splurging for this holiday season. Treat yourself and get some bang for your $$$.

HELLO! Welcome back to my channel! In the age of COVID it's been hard to do a proper haul for the fam but I was able to sneak into ULTA BEAUTY! It felt nice to go in and shop (safely of course) and with new restrictions looming it maybe the last one for a little while. Check out these palettes and other treasures I got and if you do go shopping please be safe!

I want to share all the tips and tricks that I have learned about beauty to the everyday woman or the true supermodel.

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HELLO! Welcome back to my channel! Today is all about SERUMS! A serum is a skin care product that is formulated to readily absorb into the skin and deliver concentrated ingredients deep into the epidermis for maximum results. They are more expensive than your typical skin care products but they are HIGHLY CONCENTRATED so a little can last you awhile.
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