Today I am diverting from my usual content to show everyone something that can help all of us during this trying time. With the need to sterilize everything hand sanitizer is a MUST. However, supplies are short and going to the grocery store is not advised if you can help it.

This episode shows a very simple recipe for hand sanitizer made entirely from items you can order online.

Today I'm going back into the vault a ways and showing off some of my GORGEOUS Patricia Bright shirts. I LOVE her and these are flawless and I can't wait to wear them once we're allowed to go out and about again. If you love fashion and beauty definitely check her out and as always please be safe and careful during these tough times. All my love to you and your families and thank you for watching!

Today I wanted to do a little bit of a flashback so I'm showing off a haul I did to RICKY'S in Miami. This was my favorite store to visit in South Beach but unfortunately only the NYC locations will be open from now on. I wasted time and bought everything that wasn't nailed down! 

Today I am starting a new series showcasing my tried and true tips for all things fashion and beauty. Each segment will focus on a specific topic and today we are talking about FRAGRANCES.

I am addicted to perfume but picking out the right scent for you is more than just seeing what smells nice. How you apply your fragrances and how they match your natural scent is vital!!!

Today I am going over all of my empty containers and reviewing all the most prominent items in my beauty arsenal. I recommend saving your empties. Not only to recycle but also to see what you should stock up on. 

I just wanted to check in with my little family here and show off some of my drug store essentials. Right now we may not be able to go and pick out some of our more posh supplies but you can always stock up on some wonderful essentials from the drug store. Here are a few items I can't go without. As always stay safe and all the love to you and your families.


I want to share all the tips and tricks that I have learned about beauty to the everyday woman or the true supermodel.

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This week I will be showing off a recent HAUL at ULTA. I am ADDICTED to their products and every time I go in there I spend waaaaay to much money. I hope you all enjoy the episode and please share your thoughts in the comments on my YouTube channel.
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