HELLO! Welcome back to my channel. With summer looming it is important to have some sturdy makeup that will leave you gorgeous all day. I've reviewed some of my favorites with some of my old and more high end standbys as well as great options that are available at the local drug store.


I am very active and with warmer says ahead and hopefully a safer environment to return to this summer will be FULL of fun things to do. Share your favorite long wear makeup with the fam in the comments!

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Taking glamour and style to a whole new level. Makeup artistry tips and tricks that will leave you looking simply beautiful. 

HELLO! Welcome back to my channel. Today I am revisiting my drug store haul. With things still not back to normal most people wouldn't want to venture into malls or certain shops just for cosmetics. Fortunately there are several great items for good prices at your local drug store. CVS in particular has made some moves by launching their own brands. Check out my haul and see what products are right for you!


Are there any drug store brands that you live by?

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HELLO! Welcome back to my channel. Today is a little bit of Chit chat with yours truly where I talk about some of the developments in my life and bid farewell to an old friend. I hope you all are staying safe and thank you for watching!

HELLO! Welcome back to my channel. Today is a little bit of a throwback but I am doing a second review of JEFFREE STAR'S BLOOD LUST palette. If you watch my channel you know how much I love my boy Jeffree and I've reviewed several of his products in the past but this palette in particular is special so I came back and did a new look so I could review it again!

What's your favorite Jeffree Star product? Share your thoughts on YouTube!

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HELLO! Welcome back to my channel! Today we are jumping back into my palette review series with one of my favorite brands RUDE COSMETICS. They are out of LA and ever since I discovered them I've been ADDICTED to their products. Today we are reviewing the BADASS RUDE GIRL palette which aside from being a great palette also has the cutest packaging! Also, at less than $20 it's very affordable. Check out my custom look and review and see what it can do for you. If you've used this palette or rude products before share your thoughts with the fam in the YouTube comments!

HELLO! Welcome back to my channel! Today I am back to my SELF CARE SERIES with some ESSENTIAL HAIR CARE TIPS! The weather is changing and it's getting nice out there so now is the time to undo all the damage the cold winter months have done to your gorgeous hair! Here are some of my favorite stand by products and some tips on how to use them. If you've got your own products to recommend leave a comment on YouTube!

I want to share all the tips and tricks that I have learned about beauty to the everyday woman or the true supermodel.

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HELLO! Welcome back to my channel! Today I am going through MY EMPTIES and looking at all the products I've been using heavily over the past few months. It's always good to take stock in what products you are using most frequently so you can stock up whenever there's a good sale. Here are some ESSENTIALS that I swear by.

What products have you not been able to live without? Share your thoughts on YouTube!