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All my life, I have valued beauty. From a congenial child in Dallas, Texas, I grew into a model and a spirited captain of the pep team in high school, where I was also active in student council. I studied computer science at Metro State (Denver), which began a long career in telecommunications as a global sales manager. Though the field interested me, it wasn’t where fate would have me end up. The worlds of beauty and fashion beckoned me. I have never relied solely on beauty to achieve my success. My mind and strength of will, along with looks form a triple threat that lets me accomplish anything I set out to do.


I take glamour and style to a whole new level. On this blog and my YouTube channel, I show makeup artistry tips and tricks that will leave you looking simply beautiful. My motto is to “always look and feel beautiful”. I share my daily routine, my favorite products, my secrets on ageless beauty, sharing my travel journeys from around the world, makeup tutorials and hairstyles for the everyday woman or the true supermodel. I share advice on how to live successfully on a low-carb no sugar diet and to embrace KETO for all that it is worth. I have a high-profile position, yet I am still down-to-earth. I love a sexy sense of style, yet always professional and dressed for the occasion. My goal with my blog is to share all that I've learned over the years in beauty, fashion and style with my readers. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you on a deeper level. 


Stay beautiful.


"Always look and feel beautiful."

My Motto

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