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Natural Cucumber Rose Toner

There are endless options for the care and maintenance of skin, and this market is constantly growing. Many of these products contain ingredients that we are unfamiliar with, go through extreme chemical processes to create, and which may not work and can be damaging to the natural cellular functions of the epidermis. Fortunately, mother nature has given us gifts we can use as tools to help us clean, tone, moisturize and maintain skin. Cucumber or rose petals can be used to prepare a natural toner that you can apply directly to the face, with a cotton ball/pad, or spray in the process described below.

Step 1. Take a Fresh Cucumber / Rose petals preferably organic

Step 2. Wash the cucumber thoroughly and peel it

Step 3. Slice the cucumber in quarter size, then long ways into small pieces

Step 4. Transfer the pieces onto a clean stainless-steel pan and add water (alkaline) in the amount which the cucumber pieces will be immersed

Step 5. Keep the pan on a low flame now for 5-7 minutes in total. We are doing this because we want the cucumber essence to mix with the water nicely. At the same time, do not boil the water or keep it for a long time because that will work against the aim, that is, it will kill the nutrients in the cucumber.

Step 6. Now, put the flame off and let the cucumber water cool down a bit. It will take approximately 10 minutes to cool down. Transfer the whole thing to a mixer/blender jar.

Step 7. Churn for around 15 seconds, keeping the mixer speed at the 1st level.

Step 8. Filter the juice out which is going to separate the larger pieces. Separate the juice directly into a jar or bottle.

Step 9. Ready to use! You can refrigerate for storage. Spray on face and use as needed, The Cucumber/Rose has natural toning properties, so you can use it twice a day as a toner alone. Put the chilled liquid on a cotton pad and place it on your eyes to get relieved of puffy eyes and soreness.

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