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Hello Beautiful! Another anti-aging treatment is the use of Vitamin C! Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, was first produced as an anti-aging treatment to inhibit age related and cancerous changes caused by free radicals. As vitamin C also aids collagen production, it was believed that topical applications might help plump up a deflating dermis.

Why you might use them

Many dermatologist and plastic surgeons often suggest the use of ascorbates to patients about to undergo a surgical or resurfacing procedure. The thinking is that a reservoir of vitamin C will be built up to both help neutralize the free radicals created by the injury (any damage creates free radicals) and supply the catalysts needed by the fibroblasts for new collagen production and tissue healing.

Which ascorbates to use?

Vitamin C is available in both cream and serum form. I prefer the creams because it is easier to control the dose. High concentrations of vitamin C can be irritating to skin and it is easier to apply more serum than is necessary.

Although vitamin C is a very tricky molecule to stabilize, many cosmetics companies now claim to have done so and are marketing creams containing vitamin C. If this is the case, they may well be useful as day creams as an adjunct to sunscreens to help defend against sun damage and pollutions – inducing radical damage.

How to apply ascorbates

Stroke onto clean face at night in small amounts. If it stings, wait longer after washing. The skin's sebum helps to slow down the rate of penetration. Some also suggest applying them in the morning under their sunscreen.

Risks and side effects

The only reported unwelcomed effects of ascorbates are stinging on application and some redness and irritation. Avoid these by using less of the product and/or applying it on alternate nights only.


Results suggest that taking preventative measures with antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C may prove to be of a greater long-term benefit to our skin than using them to repair damage already done.

Stay Beautiful


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