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Exercise and how it benefits you

Hello Beautiful!

When I exercise, my style does not go away. I still look real cute and have actually loved some of the outfits that I have found.

Now we are actually going to get right in to what you can do to exercise. First off, the goal is to move more and sit less, as puts it. I have even seen companies put in standing desks for employees to work at. Just by standing you are helping move your blood, burn a few calories, and moving your joints. This can create more productivity and have you feel less tired.

For exercising, adults need at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, each week. This can come out to be about a half an hour a day. Adults also need muscle-strengthening activity, like lifting weights or doing push-ups, at least 2 days each week. By doing this, you will lose weight and also strengthen your muscles.

Now, I love cycling but really started cycling because I wanted to spend more time with my husband, who is very very busy. I have worked my way up from about 10 miles to a 50 mile cycling race. I also workout every morning and walk my dog, Quincey. Exercise has been a big part of how I lost some weight in the past. To see a Haul that I did on cycling outfits, click here.

Exercising is very beneficial to your body and to your mind. You can reduce anger and anxiety by exercising. Your body might be a little sore after the first few times, but just remember that your body is not used to it and it will go away after a while. If you want to hear more about how I exercise then comment on my YouTube videos. Don’t forget to always look cute while you’re working out!

-Stay Beautiful-


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