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Fall Colors

Hello Beautiful!

The weather is finally starting to change where I live which means I FINALLY get to wear bold lip colors and scarfs. Whether your fall is running the kids to different houses in the neighborhood for candy, watching football, going to the cider mill, or all of the above, there is a look and style that every woman can use!

A red lip is sweeping us away. I think a lot of us think of a red lip as so old, but it is making its way into Fall 2019.

Next up is some blush. For a while there, makeup artists and YouTubers were not using blush, just majorly contouring but look out bronzer, here comes some color.

Smokey neutrals is the next trend for fall I am going to talk about. All the browns and nudes an eye shadow palette can give you, I recommend using this season. Another color range is bright, flashy eye shadow colors. Lots of pinks and oranges. I am not sure that you will ever see me in these brighter colors this fall!

Now the lip gloss we have seen on about every Instagram Beauties page and ladies, the gloss is here to stay for another season! The dewy lips are a huge hit in the makeup industry right now.

If you use any of these little fall trends, let me know! Comment on a YouTube video or tag me in your Instagram post, I’d love to see your creative looks.

As always,

Stay Beautiful


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