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Fragile skin requires Special care

Hello Beautiful! Lets talk about taking care of sensitive skin. Modern cosmetic dermatologists now believe that sensitive skin is less nurture than nature- that while we may inherit an irritation-prone skin, it is actually what we do to it on a daily basis that breaks down its defenses and lowers its tolerance levels.

In caring for sensitive skin, the aim is threefold. Firstly, to ensure you do not further compromise your skin’s barrier function. Secondly, to build up its outer defenses. Thirdly, to use or, do to it, nothing that gives it cause to get upset. Buy only skincare ranges that are made for sensitive skin. They are free of many of the ingredients that can irritate. Wash your face in the evening only, using very gentle cleanser that you feel still washes your face efficiently. Protect your skin from UV rays to help prevent any damage to the lipids of your stratum corneum (your top most skin layer). If you have problems using sunscreen, try one containing mineral sun blockers as opposed to chemical-based ones. (Look for zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in the ingredients listed.)

Don’t use toners or alcohol based astringents. If you can’t resist using a toner, use an alcohol- free, hydrating one. Remove flaky skin with a mild AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids) product rather than a scouring pad. AHAs can also help to improve your skin’s moisture-holding ability. Nevertheless, do not use any products that sting, burn or make your skin itch.

Beauty tip: cosmetic ranges for sensitive skin are usually marked hypoallergenic and are formulated without ingredients that are well known to cause either allergic or milder skin reactions. However, hypoallergenic does not mean that you cannot react to it simply that you are less likely to.

~Stay Beautiful~


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