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Eating healthy

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Hello Beautiful!

I think that we all at some point, are trying to lose weight or just be healthier overall. Maybe it’s not trying to lose weight for you, but to feel good and not be so tired. To being able to play outside with your kids or grandchildren, or just looking better in the little black dress of yours. Making healthier decisions in your food choices can help you do all the things that you want to do. Just remember, that everyone has a different body and people lose weight in different areas of their body.

To start eating healthier, I started making sweets an occasional snack not an everyday snack. Now, I know that this was very hard for me to do! I love my sweets so when I have them, I make sure it is something that I have been craving for a long time!

I have also added fruits and vegetables to my meals. The Department of Health and Human Resources says, "To make fruit and vegetables half of your plate." Talking about the plate, I also think that having a smaller plate helps portion control. When you don’t have as much room on your plate for bigger portions, you will choose smaller portion sizes.

When you cut out sugary drinks and drink water instead, it will help you feel full and helps your body digest. If you are missing some flavoring other than water then, you could add some lemon or 100% juice to your water. If you are missing the carbonation part of sugary drinks then I would suggest some Lacroix or plain sparkling water. To talk more about drinks, I suggest switching your milk to 1% or low fat milk.

Also with eating healthier, your skin blemishes can be reduced or go away completely. By eating more fruits and vegetables, your skin can look beautiful.

So to either lose weight, fit into your little black dress, or have your skin look better, we should all try to eat healthier. There is so much more that you can add and decrease in your diet to help. But, remember that each individual has a different body and needs different diets. You need to find the right healthy eating plan for you.

-Stay Beautiful-


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