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How to take care of your Nails

Hello Beautiful!

The weather is finally starting to change where I live, which means I FINALLY get to wear bold nail colors to match. Whether you’re spring-cleaning, planting your flowers, or all of the above, there is a look and style for every woman! Today, we are going to talk about nail health.

Nails, like your skin and your hair, are composed largely of keratin. The nail you see is manufactured in the nail bed, which reaches almost as far back as the first joint of your finger! The pale sliver of half- moon (the lunula) peeking from your nails’ base is where the keratinization which turns soft cells into hard-as-nails ones occurs.

To keep your nails looking good, they need to be kept well-hydrated. Whatever your lifestyle, it is likely that for hygiene reasons that you will want to wash your hands regularly. In order to prevent your nails from drying out you should apply hand creams to them after, remembering to rub well into the nail area.

They also need to be protected. The moment of the greatest damage in the life of nail, it seems, is when it goes from wet to dry. Thus, we need to moisturize with hand cream after washing to keep from cracking the nails.

As always,

Stay Beautiful


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