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Is celery juice really beneficial?

Hello Beautiful!

Now with all of the celebrities and especially after the Kardashians have been drinking this green juice, it has been all the hype across social media. People are swearing that by drinking celery juice once a day is helping them with all of their medical needs. Mmmh,

I am not sure about this.

Doctors have stated that celery juice is just as good as any other green vegetable. I think individuals do not always eat the right amount of vegetables a day. I mean sometimes it is hard for me to get in 2 cups of vegetables a day. (This amount depends on your age and gender though). I think that by individuals drinking celery juice, they are actually getting the right amount of vegetables into their diet each day. So people are actually eating a healthy way!

We all know that different vegetables have different benefits for them. In celery, there are tons of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K, vitamin A, potassium, and folate. All of these are really good and beneficial for our bodies, but to claim that celery juice is a cure for individuals that suffer from chronic and mysterious diseases is out of proportion. Celery juice may affect and help one person in such a positive way, but may not have the same effect on another’s. All of our bodies are different, and we can’t always do what the hot new trend is!

There are a lot of myths out there that people are believing. Do your own research and ask your doctor if drinking celery juice would be beneficial for you. After all they didn’t go to school for so long for nothing.

If you try celery juice let me know! I might eventually try it, but only time will tell.

-Stay Beautiful-


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