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Eyelash perms or Fake lashes

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Hello Beautiful!

Now if you have been watching my YouTube channel then you know that I use fake lashes pretty much every day. I even say that without my fake lashes, I feel naked. Now, you might wear fake lashes or just brush on some mascara, but there is this new trend that is taking over social media. It is the eyelash lift (aka eyelash perm). The eyelash lift curls your lashes and makes them appear fuller.

Some people are going to get them done by professionals, which can get to be a bit pricey because they only really last for 6-8 weeks. Others, are trying at home remedies to help lift their lashes. These individuals are putting on oils, serums, and using certain mascara brands to help get the full lash effect. It is a lot cheaper but can be harmful to your eyes because you are not a professional.

For me personally, I do not want to end up with no lashes on my eyes or an infection because I wanted an eyelash perm. I would say I am pretty scared of this happening to me if I would go to get an eyelash perm. So, for now I will be continuing putting on my fake eyelashes. I definitely feel like I have mastered this process over the years!

If you want to see how I put on my fake lashes comment on my YouTube videos!

-Stay Beautiful-


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