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What’s inside a moisturizer?

Hello Beautiful! Have you considered which moisturizer is for your skin?

For those with dry skin, moisturizer is an essential staple - a source of soothing and protective hydration. For others, its application may be an unnecessary step in their skincare regime. But deciding if or when to moisturize us only the half the problem; there is a bewildering array of products from which to choose.

Moisturizers divide into 'oil–in-water' or 'water-in-oil' emulsions. In the former, the micro droplets of oil are held within the water so that the cream feels lighter and often slicker, while in the latter the water is half with in the oil making the preparations slightly richer feeling. The water hydrates the skin while the oil helps to seal in the water.

Day creams tend to have based on oil-in-water emulsions while night crèmes, which don’t have to go under make up, are the heavier water–in-oil variety. Modern cosmetic technology, however, has developed the oil free moisturizer where the oils hat act as softeners and moisture sealants are replaced by the oil-mimicking substance such as silicone.

These creams are a welcome advance particular for normal, combination or oily skins as some oils can clog up the sin. Very dry skins which are deficient in both oils and water, however may still benefit the more traditional oil and water emulsions.

Beyond the basic water and oil components, formulators add a variety of substances to help remedy the cause and symptoms of dry skin: humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid which attract water from your environment and hold it on your skin; ceramides which help seal the cells of the stratum corneum together; and the essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid and vitamin F to help rebuild the lipid layers which may be deficient in dry skins.

Next time we will discuss when the best time is to use moisturizers!

Stay Beautiful


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