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Who needs Moisturizers?

Hello Beautiful! Who needs moisturizers? The answer is, “we all do”. Each cell in the body is composed of 80 percent water and it is the water that gives the skin its plump, healthy look. Unfortunately, as we age, we gradually lose that hydration and the skin starts to wrinkle and shrivel. 

If you have a naturally dry skin, you will certainly need to apply a light moisturizer during the day and an intensive moisturizer at night. However, even if you have naturally oily skin, you should still moisturize. The more you try to strip the natural sebum from your skin, the more it tries to produce - many beauty specialists agree that regular use of a light moisturizer can help to re-balance oily skin.

Tip: when applying moisturizer, dab it onto the skin, then gently massage it in. Try not to drag the skin when you do so.

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